Technical Consulting
and Engineering Services

Dr. Andreas Laschet


Laschet Consulting, represented by the owner and manag­ing direc­tor Dr.-Ing. Andreas Laschet, is a com­pany for tech­nical con­sult­ing and engineer­ing services specialized in various domains with considerable expertise.

  • TECHNICAL CONSUL­TING and PROJECT SUPPORT for research and deve­lop­ment (R&D) in many industrial domains (mecha­nical engineer­ing) as well in the domain of the auto­motive and marine industry
  • ENGINEERING SERVICES to carry out detailed vibra­tion analyses and simu­la­tion of com­plete drive­lines and power­trains focused on torsional vibra­tions and/or rotor­dynamic studies; special know how to analyze, simulate and evaluate the dynamic behavior of dyna­mical characteristics in rotating machinery and vehicle drive­linesEngineering Service - Dr. Laschet -
  • SUPPORT TO WORK OUT OPTIMIZED PRO­DUCTION SOLU­TIONS in close co­opera­tion with the Dutch company Copier Bevel­machines B.V., Giessen (NL) particularly dedicated to ARLA Machine Products (innovative con­centric clamp­ing systems, modular spindle / slide / machin­ing units, com­plete single or double sided CNC end­working machine tools)Endworking & Concentric Clamping - Dr. Laschet -