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Portrait of Dr. Andreas Laschet (dated 2020)



Laschet Consulting, represented by the owner and manag­ing direc­tor Dr.-Ing. Andreas Laschet, is a com­pany for engi­neer­ing ser­vices and tech­nical con­sult­ing specialized in various areas of drive tech­no­lo­gy with the main focus on vibration analysis incl. rotordynamic evaluationDr. Laschet’s extensive personal expertise is based on more than 40 years of professional experience.

The tradition of the original family-owned com­pany started more than 100 years ago … LASCHET ’s history already began in 1918.



What Laschet Consulting can do for you:

  • ENGINEERING SERVICES as a real value added service to carry out detailed vibra­tion analyses and simu­la­tion of com­plete drive­lines and power­trains focused on torsional vibra­tions and / or rotor dynamic studies; special know how to analyze, simu­late and evaluate the dy­namic be­havior of dyna­mical charac­teris­tics in rotat­ing machinery and vehicle drive systems (drive­lines, power­trains) support­ed by professional CAE tools and own soft­ware soluti­ons
  • TECHNICAL CONSUL­TING and PROJECT SUPPORT in case of trouble­shooting (damage cases), or expert activities, or for research, deve­lop­ment, and product design (R&D) in many areas: mecha­nical & plant engineer­ing, auto­motive, and marine industry
  • INTERNATIONAL SEMINARS, CUSTOMER TRAININGS and (free) WEBINARS in the sense of know-how transfer incl. support by own pro­fessional publi­ca­tions


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History + Company Presentation

1918: ARLA family company founded (machine tools); 1984: ARLA Maschinentechnik GmbH; 2016: Laschet Consulting GmbH (engineering service provider & technical consultancy).

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Overview Engineering Services, Engineering Webinars & Seminars

Engineering Services: simulation of torsional and lateral vibrations in drives (machines, plants, vehicles, ships); ARMD soft­ware; international engineering webinars & seminars & short courses.

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Technical Consulting

Expert activities and technical consulting by an expert in many industrial fields; support in case of trouble­shooting for problem solving.

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