• Engineering Support from Experts

  • Troubleshooting: Finding Solutions to Technical Problems

  • Expert Activities and Reporting


Engineering services include not only pure project-related engineering services but also addi­tional and more ex­tensive expert advice. There­fore, Laschet Consulting offers tech­nical con­sulting services, which – closely interlinked with the actual engineering tasks – are above all concerned with finding solutions to problems that have arisen (e.g. damages). The aim is to draw valuable conclusions in order to improve the basic concept of future machines and plants, to make them safer and less susceptible to vibration.

Confidentiality agreements are, of course, strictly observed.


Technical Consulting & Expert Support

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Dynamically optimized drive systems improve the operating be­havior, the efficiency of the process, the re­duction of noise and lead to a noticeable overall im­prove­ment in quality.




Our approach:

  1. Systematic recording and description of customer requirements
  2. Offer preparation and order processing (engineering service)
  3. Analysis of the technical problem
  4. Finding a suitable solution
  5. … and all of this on schedule in close consul­tation with the customer
Troubleshooting & Solving Problems

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If you wish, we can also act as expert consultants dedicated to your specific tasks from a neutral perspective. A detailed expert report (in English) summarizes the results for you – always under­standable.

Ask for our expert support, if necessary involving further external specialists in an expert team.