Virtual Engineering

Value Added Engineering Service: Predictive R&D Process as Part of the Virtual Development

Conception of the Virtual Engineering / (c) Laschet Consulting


These are the advantages of the virtual development process („VIRTUAL ENGINEERING“).

  • faster and high-quality development process and lower R&D costs
  • early detection of critical and weak points or technical restrictions
  • significant quality improvement
  • achievement of fundamental know how before finishing the product development (prediction of technical characteristics); systemizing the development process
  • comparison of various engineering solutions and evaluation of different configurations; enabling alternative development steps in good time in advance
  • minimizing the test periods and commissioning procedure (reducing the test series while improving the test quality)
  • efficient team work when providing digital CAE models and the corresponding results
  • better understanding of acquired experiences (measurements, field testings, calculations, observations and subjective evaluation); objective access to the results
  • generating special evaluation functions for an objective grading of the system behavior (OSE = Objective System Evaluation)
  • reasonable basis for strategic decisions in the product development process
  • application of powerful simulation tools while keeping the model complexity limited
    („Learning by experience from the past, secure planning for future projects“)

Rotordynamic Analysis of a Compressor Drive Shaft / (c) RBTS


An impor­tant prin­ciple of our work:  It is not pri­mari­ly about the ad­ver­tis­ing effective and color­ful presen­tation of R&D efforts in im­pressive 3D pre­sen­ta­tions. In the first step, we al­ways pre­fer struc­tur­ed de­ve­lop­ment planning with power­ful simu­lation tools as aids. This in­volves an engi­neer­ing eva­luation and prac­tical assess­ment of the re­sults with regard to the spe­cified pro­duct develop­ment and pro­duct opti­mization. 3D com­puter mo­dels are certain­ly use­ful, but they do not re­place the main work of the de­ve­lop­ment engi­neer.


Use the engineering services by Laschet Consulting to create and realize your own virtual engineering environment: this is the so-called „Virtual Engineering On Demand“.

We would like to get into contact with you. Ask for a non-binding customer presentation realized by an online meeting (via WebEx).


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