Virtual Engineering …

… the Predictive R & D Process

These are the advantages of the virtual development process („VIRTUAL ENGINEERING“).

  • faster development process and lower R&D costs
  • early detection of critical and weak points or technical restrictions
  • significant quality improvement
  • achievement of fundamental know how before finishing the product development (prediction of technical characteristics); systemizing the development process
  • comparison of various engineering solutions and evaluation of different configurations; enabling alternative development steps in good time in advance
  • minimizing the test periods and commissioning procedure (reducing the test series while improving the test quality)
  • efficient team work when providing digital CAE models and the corresponding results
  • better understanding of acquired experiences (measurements, testings, calculations, observations and subjective evaluation); objective access to the results
  • generating special evaluation functions for an objective grading of the system behavior (OSE = Objective System Evaluation)
  • reasonable basis for strategic decisions in the product development process
  • application of powerful simulation tools while keeping the model complexity limited
    („Learning by experience from the past, secure planning for future projects“)

Use the engineering services by Laschet Consulting to create and realize your own virtual engineering environment: this is the so-called „Virtual Engineering On Demand“.

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