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History of the Family Company

1918 – 2018: 100 Years Family Tradition

Arnold Laschet (senior)The family name „LASCHET“ stands for a 100-year history.

In 1918 Arnold Laschet (sen.) set up a com­pany in Essen (Ruhr area in Western Germany) with the main focus on machine-building, tool-making, fixture design, gear and machine tool manu­facturing as well as custo­mer-specific pro­duction (job shop). The founder, who was also strong in elec­trical articles, passed the corporate manage­ment after the Second World War to his sons Arnold Laschet (jun.) and Guenther Laschet.

ARLA LogoThe machine products, which have always been associated with the name ARLA (abbreviation of the founder’s name Arnold Laschet), were con­sequent­ly refined and distributed. Due to the further growth of the family-owned business, the company was splitted into two in­de­pendent legal entities. In 1984 Guenther Laschet founded together with his son Guenther & Dr. Andreas LaschetDr.-Ing. Andreas Laschet ARLA Maschinen­technik GmbH in Kuerten, a small place east of the Cologne area. In 2002 the company moved to Wipperfuerth, a 800 years old hanseatic town 40 km away from Cologne. With the brand name „ARLA“ the well-known ARLA Machine Products (ARLA Shift & Engage Levers, ARLA Clamping Systems, ARLA Machining Units, ARLA End­work­ing Machines) were developed further, globally sold, and presented on various international exhibitions and shows like TUBE, EMO, IMTS.

Another company branch covers the ARLA Engineer­ing Services; these activities are based on the thesis of Dr.-Ing. Andreas Laschet at the University of Technology in Aachen (RWTH Aachen) in 1988. These services are dedicated to the calculation, simu­lation, and analysis of vibrations and the overall dynamic behavior in complete drive­lines (focused on torsional vibrations). This is a specialty with many applications in rotating machinery, in vehicles (cars, trucks), and also in ship drive­lines supported by powerful simulation soft­ware packages (like ARLA-SIMUL, ARLA-SIMSTAT, ITI-SIM, SimulationX, ARMD). In 1998 ARLA started a cooperation with ESI-ITI, Dresden, Germany (concerning ITI-SIM and SimulationX) and RBTS, Phoenixville/Philadelphia in the US (concerning ARMD).

Based on these activities, Dr. Andreas Laschet achieved high reputation world­wide with more than 60 technical papers, publi­cations, con­ference proceed­ings, book chapters, and seminar and training material.


Presence and Future

Starting with Nov 1, 2016 the complete ARLA business was splitted in the two domains „ARLA Machine Products“ and „ARLA Engineering Services“ and continued separately.

COPIER LogoThe „ARLA Machine Products“ including the ARLA label are now in the hands of the Dutch company Copier Bevelmachines B.V., Giessen (NL) (see also the new web site www.endworking.com).

Laschet Consulting LogoThe „ARLA Engineering“ domain is now the main part of Dr. Laschet’s new consulting and engineering company Laschet Consulting; these activities are continued from the new office in the „Technology­Park“ in Bergisch Gladbach. Thus, the 100 year tradition goes on.

As part of his long­term activities in the family com­pany Dr. Andreas Laschet was pre­dominant­ly involved in the develop­ment of modular machine tool systems. Laschet Consulting cooperates with Copier Bevelmachines, the new owner of the ARLA label, in order to provide optimized PRO­DUCTION SOLU­TIONS for many typical manu­facturing applica­tions.

The core competence of Laschet Consulting is the professional engineer­ing service with the following subjects: vibration analysis, studying the dynamic behavior of complete drive­lines, customer consulting. Based on the scientific works in this area of expertise, Dr. Andreas Laschet is going to inten­sify these activities. You may down­load his list of publi­cations and tech­nical papers. The complete range of the offered engineer­ing services are summed up in a special docu­ment which is also available as download: Engineering Services for Drive Systems. Go to the ENGINEERING section of this web site to get more detailed infor­mation.


Private Activities

Dr. Laschet at the cathedral organ in Haderslev (DK)In spite of his extensive professional activities, Dr. Andreas Laschet still finds time for his great hobby: playing piano and church organs – often with his own impro­visations.