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International Online Seminar & Short Course

in Rotating Machinery

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Presentation of the Theoretical Background
including Many Practical Applications and Case Studies

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Seminar Language: ENGLISH

A cooperation between RBTS, USA and Laschet Consulting, Germany


This International Seminar & Short Course is dedicated to engineers and technical managers who are in­volved in ROTATING MACHINERY DYNAMICS design, operation, maintenance, diagnosis, and trouble shooting, with emphasis on machinery rotor dynamics (LATERAL VIBRA­TION analysis), drive train dynamics (TORSIONAL VIBRA­TION analysis), and bearing systems (FLUID-FILM BEARINGS).

Course coverage of the field is illustrated by the presen­tation of real life case histories and the application of advanced technologies for the modeling, analyses, and trouble shooting real life bearings and vibration problems.

International Rotordynamic Seminars 2004-2015

This seminar is a TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER SEMINAR and is there­fore dedicated to all engineers interested in the dynamics of rotating machinery, independent of the use of a software tool. No previous experiences in rotor­dynamics are required – just register and visit the seminar to under­stand the world of vibra­tions, and above all how to solve and avoid vibration problems in rotating machinery.

In the previous years most of the seminar attendees for our in-person seminars in Cologne (Germany) came from Europe as well as from the Middle East, and India. Thus, this seminar is really an INTER­NA­TIONAL event; you should not miss this pro­fessional course of great repu­tation and lively exchange of expe­riences among the partici­pants.


This is the structure of the seminar with the associated subjects per day.


  • All sessions are in English language only. The seminar is an ONLINE & LIVE event (i.e. held in real time on the Internet) supported by Cisco Webex.
  • Schedule (usually): Mon-Thu / Start: 14:00 = 2:00 p.m. / End: 18:00 = 6:00 p.m. (UTC+2 = CET summer time)


1st Day:     ??? (Monday)
Seminar     FLUID-FILM BEARINGS (Technology & Applications)

2nd + 3rd Day:    ??? (Tuesday + Wednesday)
Seminar     ROTOR DYNAMICS (Basics & Applications & Case Studies)

4th Day:     ??? (Thursday)
Seminar     TORSIONAL VIBRATIONS (Basics & Applications)

This seminar is presented by Victor K. Obeid together with Dr. Andreas Laschet.

Victor Obeid is a rotor dynamic and fluid-film bearing specialist with ack­now­ledged high repu­tation world­wide. He is also head of the company:

RBTS, Inc. – 1041 West Bridge Street – Phoenixville, PA 19460 /

Laschet Consulting is RBTS ' partner in Europe and official distri­butor of the ARMD software and there­fore your contact partner for soft­ware support. Laschet Consulting also offers associated engi­neer­ing services world­wide. Dr. Andreas Laschet is specialized in torsional vibration analyses, also with extended require­ments.

Please download the planned SEMINAR PROGRAM here:

SEMINAR BROCHURE (Seminar Program)

Subject to modifications !

If you have any further technical or organizational queries or questions regarding the content of the seminar, please contact us directly (Contact).

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