Cooperation Partner …

… Engineering Services as Teamwork

According to customers‘ demands on engineering services Laschet Consulting cooperates with external partners as part of a power­ful „engineer­ing network team“.

One major subject supported by our cooperation partner DAAMS GmbH is the structural mechanical analysis with modern FEM methods in order to optimize fatigue strength and durability of mechanical components. This helps to under­stand even complete and complex structures (e.g. the inter­action between drive systems and foundation via supports; see the animation on the right of this web site).

Special rotor­dynamic analyses (optionally in connection with a fluid-film bearing analysis) are done in close coopera­tion with our US partner RBTS. More detailed informa­tion are on our special web site ROTOR­DYNAMICS (including ARMD Soft­ware Presen­tation).

Another important issue is the combina­tion of CAE analysis methods on the one hand and professional measurements and testings on the other hand. We like to cooperate with external partners in order to provide a complete „customer engineering service package“ worldwide which does not only include the simulation but also the machine diagnosis and field testings or even the installation of a complete condition monitoring system. The model refine­ments or system optimization steps require a more detailed know­ledge of the real system behavior which we get from field testings worldwide, proto­type measurements, or test rig studies. This is an important additional service step as part of the complete VIRTUAL ENGINEERING process.

And in addition to this … we help promptly with CAE studies and me­asurements (in combi­na­tion) if an urgent trouble­shooting analysis is required. We can provide you with further infor­mation (references) on request.