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Overview of Engineering Services

The ENGINEERING activities as supported by Laschet Consulting covers extensive CAE services (CAE = Com­pu­ter Aided Engineer­ing) to provide calcu­lations and analyses to determine the dynamic behavior of drive systems in rotating machinery and vehicles supported by modern simu­lation soft­ware tools „Virtual Engineer­ing“). Our major CAE analyses are dedicated to torsional vibration studies. Such jobs can be done very quickly in smaller projects but also as part of com­prehensive studies within R&D or virtual engineer­ing projects – according to customer require­ments:

CAE model generation of complete drive­lines (generating digital computer models supported by power­ful soft­ware tools: ARLA-SIMUL, ITI-SIM, SimulationX, ARMD)

  • CAE analysis (simulation) including evaluations
  • working out alternative system con­figurations (drive­line matching)
  • trouble shooting
  • summary of improve­ment activities, para­meter studies, optimi­zations
  • inter­pretation, overall evaluation, and documen­tation of the results
    including testing methods, and measure­ment results as part of the final evaluation
  • technical report in German or English language (also as a brief report)
  • further customer consult­ing (on site or via online meetings or video conferences supported by WebEx)
  • optionally: customized trainings, or general training courses or seminars


Based on considerable experiences for more than 30 years many jobs could be realized with great success as part of a virtual product develop­ment process. See the following reference examples taken from the drive tech­nology:

  • reciprocating/screw compressors, pumps, generator drive systems, venti­lators (fan drives)
  • turbomachinery, extrusion machines
  • cement mills, crushing machines, rolling mills
  • drivelines of vehicles (cars, trucks), or ships including engines (complete power­trains)
  • special NVH studies in drivelines of cars, trucks, etc.
  • drive systems in the aviation and aerospace industry
  • drivelines with clutches, couplings, transmissions, gear stages, universal shafts etc.
  • configuration of drive elements within test rigs
  • driveline matching: test rig vs. driveline in reality

A list of customer references is available on request.


Engineering Service as a Teamwork

In many CAE projects a professional team­work of specialists is crucial. That is why Laschet Consulting cooperates with external engineering & measure­ment partners; go to our special site „Cooperation Partner“ for more details.


Further Information

Further information are summed up in the following documents (PDF):

System Dynamics Handbook (Ch. 23: Drivelines in Vehicles)

The dynamic effects in complete automotive powertrains and drivelines are described in details in Chapter 23 of the Road and Off-Road Vehicle System Dynamics Handbook published 2014/2017 by Taylor & Francis / CRC Press. This state-of-the-art publication also covers typical NVH effects in automotive applications with numerous examples.

This is also to mention the (German) book by Dr. Andreas Laschet on Simulation of Drivesystems (in particular studying torsional vibrations in complete drivelines) published by Springer-Verlag; more information (German) or direct link to Springer-Verlag.