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Work­holding Technologies & Innovative End­working Solutions for Tubes, Pipes, Shafts by “ARLA”

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The consulting activities of Laschet Consulting do also include the con­ception and confi­gura­tion of modern and efficient production solu­tions. One of the main subjects refers to the chip cutting end­working of pipes, tubes, and shafts. The presented solu­tions are based on the con­cept: fixed and clamped work­piece, whereas the tool rotates.


Typical applications are:

  • facing, chamfering, beveling
  • turning (OD), hollow turning (ID), grooving
  • contour turning (ID, OD) including threading, tapping (any forms: cylindrical, conical, special shapes)
  • special applications: welding end preparations (WEP), hydraulic cylinders, piston rods


Most of the concepts are based on the industry proven ARLA® Machine Products, either as a single line or part of a combined manu­factur­ing concept:

  • ARLA® Clamping System
    concentric workholding system with high repeatability for round workpieces (pipes, tubes, shafts, bars, axles, etc.)
  • ARLA® Machining Unit
    slide and spindle units (directly driven), optionally also with an integrated, innovative facing equip­ment; on customer request: CNC controlled
  • ARLA® Endworking Machine – the advanced “Rotating Tool Lathe”
    single or double sided CNC endworking of pipes, tubes, shafts for various applica­tions; optionally with auto­matic tool change (ATC); work­ing principle: work­piece fixed, rotating tool


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Of course we send you further detailed information, catalogs, or data sheets. We provide you with our best support within a nonbinding consultation meeting (within a personal meeting in your company, or at the site of one of our customers with a LIVE presentation, or as a first step just to start the commu­nication quickly via an online meeting).

In order to work out a proposal and quotation of a machine solution we need more information from your side; please study our questionnaire and send us further details of your requirements. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.