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It is not always possible to schedule meetings as part of on-site visits in terms of time and travel. Often pure telephone calls are too superficial and abstract.


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Therefore we prefer and support the communication via ONLINE MEETINGS (Video Audio Conferences). It is possible to see each other by video and to review and discuss technical docu­ments together by tele­phone and also visually. This makes presen­tations and project coordi­nation much easier and clearer, while saving time and money. And this can be realized in a global networkWORLDWIDE.



This way we stay in direct contact with you:
We sit „face-to-face“ around the same „online table“ – with highest data security.

On request, we can send you our permanent link for a meeting in our own, always available virtual conference room („personal meeting room“). Usually, in the context of larger meetings (online trainings, online seminars), one-time access links per session are emailed to the authorized participants.

We use Cisco Webex and can share presentations and documents online within the group of participants and, if desired, transfer files up to a maximum size of 2 GB (in total) instantly to the participants. The duration of such an online meeting is technically unlimited. You can control the video-audio communications from any Windows PC (laptop) or mobile from a smartphone or tablet at any time. A free app can be installed in advance; alternatively: direct access via your Internet browser (web dial-up).

For audio communications, we recommend a headset connected to the PC or also direct communication via the audio function of the webcam (VoIP). If direct communication via the PC is not possible or not reasonable due to the quality of the Internet connection, our system also supports a regular telephone connection directly into the virtual conference room; this „conventional“ audio connection still provides high quality. The central dial-in number from your country is displayed on the Cisco Webex interface. Together with your assigned meeting number you always enter our virtual meeting room by video and audio.

It is recommended to limit the reasonable number of participants of customized meetings to a maximum of 5 to allow for individual discussions; however, the technical limit is much higher.

In the case of webinars, the number of participants can of course be much larger (max. 100); we are also planning such online events for the future and will inform you about this on our website in due course.

Upon request and with your permission, we can also record an online meeting as an MP4 file and make it available to you. Recordings of meetings (if necessary only in excerpts) are helpful to summarize especially important results and appointments.

You may try out a real Cisco Webex online meeting via this link: Test this meeting on your device.


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Alternatively, you can of course also send us an invitation link for an online meeting via your preferred online meeting platform (Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, …) at any time.

For usual phone calls, we are always available via the well-known central phone number both in the office and, if necessary, in the home office.



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