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3D Presentation of Vibrations of a Compressor Shaft / (c) RBTS

  • Torsional Vibrations

  • Flexural Vibrations

  • Lateral Vibrations

  • Fluid-Film Bearings

  • Rolling Element Bearings



ROTORDYNAMIC SIMULATIONS (i.e. analysis of flexural and lateral vibrations including bearing influence) are another subject area as part of the engi­neering service. These CAE studies include the calcu­lation of critical speeds and acceptable operating conditions while consider­ing the shaft design and above all the charac­teristics of the ball, roller bearings, or the fluid-film bearings, respectively. The analysis also in­cludes the study of tor­sional vibra­tions as an option.

Starting with smaller studies, which can be realized in a short time, you can „upgrade“ the engi­neering service step by step even up to a complete study, design and configu­ration of complex fluid-film bearings (journal, conical, thrust, tilting-­pad bearings).

Cooperation between Laschet Consulting and RBTSLaschet Consulting
is official cooperation partner of RBTS, Inc. (U.S.A.) ( We provide software and engineering support in close cooperation with RBTS – usually realized in efficient WebEx meetings.

Down­load (PDF) details of the coopera­tion between Laschet Consulting and RBTS.


Advanced Rotating Machinery Dynamics – Software ARMD

The simulation software “ARMD” designed by RBTS is a very powerful CAE tool which is distributed and supported in Germany and Europe by Laschet Consulting. Presentations and training sessions can be arranged individually – usually supported by an online meeting (WebEx).


The ARMD software modules:

Download (PDF): ARMD V6.0 – Description of the Software Package


You can find further detailed information on the ARMD software modules at RBTS’ website:

  • General overview on the complete ARMD software package
  • ARMD module: ROTLAT (Rotordynamics)
  • ARMD module: TORSION (Torsional Vibrations)
  • ARMD modules on all FLUID FILM BEARINGS
  • ARMD module: COBRA (Rolling Element Bearings)
  • ARMD module: VISCOS (Lubricant Analysis)

Learn more on ARMD software modules:


International Rotordynamic Seminars

We are going to inform you on the next international rotordynamic seminar & short course in Europe (Cologne, Germany) as soon as possible. This seminar is another example of the close cooperation with RBTS.

International Seminar "Rotordynamics & Bearings" / Dr. Andreas Laschet & Victor Obeid with Participants in Cologne

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Further Information as Downloads

Further information are also summed up in the following documents (PDF):