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3D Presentation of Vibrations of a Compressor Shaft / (c) RBTS

  • Torsional Vibrations

  • Flexural Vibrations

  • Lateral Vibrations

  • Fluid-Film Bearings

  • Rolling Element Bearings



ROTORDYNAMIC SIMULATIONS (i.e. analysis of flexural and lateral vibrations including bearing influence) are another subject area as part of the engi­neering service. These CAE studies include the calcu­lation of critical speeds and acceptable operating conditions while consider­ing the shaft design and above all the charac­teristics of the ball, roller bearings, or the fluid-film bearings, respectively. The analysis also in­cludes the study of tor­sional vibra­tions as an option.

Starting with smaller studies, which can be realized in a short time, you can „upgrade“ the engi­neering service step by step even up to a complete study, design and configu­ration of complex fluid-film bearings (journal, conical, thrust, tilting-­pad bearings).

Cooperation between Laschet Consulting and RBTSLaschet Consulting
is official cooperation partner of RBTS, Inc. (U.S.A.) ( We provide software and engineering support in close cooperation with RBTS – usually realized in efficient WebEx meetings.

Down­load (PDF) details of the coopera­tion between Laschet Consulting and RBTS.


Advanced Rotating Machinery Dynamics – Software ARMD

The simulation software “ARMD” designed by RBTS is a very powerful CAE tool which is distributed and supported in Germany and Europe by Laschet Consulting. Presentations and training sessions can be arranged individually – usually supported by an online meeting (WebEx).


The ARMD software modules:

Rotordynamics Software ARMD 5.8 / 6.0Download (PDF): ARMD 5.8 Description


More details and applications with this software will be presented soon on this web site. You can find further detailed information on the ARMD software modules at RBTS’ website:

  • General overview on the complete ARMD software package
  • ARMD module: ROTLAT (Rotordynamics)
  • ARMD module: TORSION (Torsional Vibrations)
  • ARMD modules on all FLUID FILM BEARINGS
  • ARMD module: COBRA (Rolling Element Bearings)
  • ARMD module: VISCOS (Lubricant Analysis)

Learn more on ARMD software modules:


International Rotordynamic Seminars

We are going to inform you on the next international rotordynamic seminar & short course in Europe (Cologne, Germany) as soon as possible. This seminar is another example of the close cooperation with RBTS.

International Seminar "Rotordynamics & Bearings" / Dr. Andreas Laschet & Victor Obeid with Participants in Cologne

Further Information on Special Sites

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Further Information as Downloads

Further information are also summed up in the following documents (PDF):