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3D Presentation of Vibrations of a Compressor Shaft / (c) RBTS

  • Torsional Vibrations

  • Lateral Vibrations

  • Fluid-Film Bearings

  • Rolling Element Bearings



ROTOR DYNAMIC SIMULATIONS (i.e. analysis of flexural and lateral vibrations including bearing influence) are another subject area as part of the engi­neering service. These CAE studies include the calcu­lation of critical speeds and acceptable operating conditions while consider­ing the shaft design and above all the charac­teristics of the ball, roller bearings, or the fluid-film bearings, respectively. The analysis also in­cludes the study of tor­sional vibra­tions as an option.

Starting with smaller studies, which can be realized in a short time, you can „upgrade“ the engi­neering service step by step even up to a complete study, design and configu­ration of complex fluid-film bearings (journal, conical, thrust, tilting-pad bearings).

Cooperation between Laschet Consulting and RBTSLaschet Consulting
is official cooperation partner of RBTS, Inc. (U.S.A.) (, which was acquired by Concepts NREC (U.S.A.) in January 2024 to further expand the engineering and software business.

As official cooperation partner, we provide software and engineering support in close coordination with RBTS – usually realized in efficient online meetings.

Down­load (PDF) details of the coopera­tion between Laschet Consulting and RBTS.


Advanced Rotating Machinery Dynamics – Software ARMD V6.2

The simulation software „ARMD“ designed by RBTS is a very powerful CAE tool which is distributed and supported in Germany and Europe by Laschet Consulting.

Non-binding LIVE presentations can be arranged individually supported by an online meeting via Cisco Webex. We also plan special webinars to demonstrate the software capabilities of the latest version.

There is also an option to download a „demonstration version“ of ARMD for free – just to get a better „look & like“ feeling. Please contact us for the download link.


The ARMD software packages/modules and software structure:

Download (PDF): ARMD V6.2 – Description of the Software Package


Overview on the complete ARMD software package:

Rotordynamic Model Generation and Mode Animation

 Campbell Diagram 


Figures and screenshots provided with kind permission of RBTS.



International Rotor Dynamics Seminars … more than 20 Years

International Rotordynamic Seminars 2004-2015


We would like to inform you on the next International Rotor Dynamics Seminar & Short Course (ONLINE event). This seminar is an offer in close co­opera­tion with our partner RBTS  – and it is unique in Europe and well accept­ed by many inter­national atten­dees for more than 20 years.


Please visit our special seminar site for detailed infor­mation on the next online semi­nar including online registrationInformation on our next INTERNATIONAL ROTOR DYNAMICS SEMINAR


ARMD Training Courses – Online Training via Cisco Webex

In close cooperation with our partner RBTS we offer an Online ARMD Training Course (via Cisco Webex) any time (language: ENGLISH; duration: usually 8 hours in total). Such a course is offered dedi­cated to one of the ARMD packages the customer ordered (ROTLAT, TORSION, BEARINGS). The course is usually structured in two parts on two sub­sequent days directly pre­sented by RBTS (U.S.A.).

More info about ARMD training ...


  1. Basic Training covering the basic technologies concerning dynamics in rotating machinery
    Duration: 4 hours concerning one of the ARMD packages ROTLAT, TORSION, BEARINGS
  2. Advanced Training referring to the software handling in detail; presentation of various general applications and case studies (Note: This is NOT a project related customer training.)
    Duration: 4 hours concerning the ARMD software handling (current release) and presenting typical (general) applications and selected case studies.

Due to the time-zone shift such a course can only start at 08:00 a.m. or 09:00 a.m. US time (at the earliest); i.e. for central Europe: training start not earlier than 14:00 or 15:00 = 02:00 p.m. or 03:00 p.m. (CET = UTC+1 / summer: UTC+2).

Depending on customer demands, such a training course can be structured individually according to your demands. Please contact us.

Independent of a software training course we also offer a custom-tailored engineering service concerning your current project. Please send us your inquiry (submission of your inquiry).


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