ARMD Software: BEARINGS V6.2

Package for Fluid-Film Bearings Analysis


Typical example of a bearing analysis


The software package “BEARINGS V6.2” is capable of facilitating com­prehen­sive evalua­tions of fluid-film bearings. Practically any bearing or bearing system available in the industry can be analyzed with one of the bearing solution modules. The fluid-film bearing modules JURNBR, HYBCBR, TILTBR, and THRSBR solve the lubrication problem in two dimensions eliminating any appro­xi­ma­tion typically associated with one dimensional analysis or with look-up table methods.

Complete performance predictions of hydro­dynamic, hydro­static, and hybrid lubricated journal, conical and thrust bearings operating in the laminar and/or turbulent regime can be generated. Simulation capabilities include effects as cavitation, mis­alignment, pressurized boundaries, pressurized grooved feeding system, pressurized nozzle feeding system, surface/structural deviation, and lubricant feed circuitry (JURNBR, HYBCBR) with specified pressures or restrictors (capillary, orifice, or flow control valve), groove geometry and chamfers.


Results generated with BEARINGS modules include:

  • Load capacity / journal or runner position
  • Attitude angle
  • Viscous power loss
  • Righting moments
  • Flow requirements
  • Stability (bearing whirl)
  • Spring and damping coefficients
  • Clearance and pressure distribution
  • Recess pressures and flows
  • Heat balance and temperature rises for bearing system and individual pads

Journal bearings


Configurations and important features that can be evaluated by the BEARINGS modules are:


Fixed Geometry Cylindrical and Conical Journal Bearings (JURNBR & HYBCBR)

  • Plain surface
  • Multi-groove
  • Pressure dam
  • Elliptical or lemon
  • Rayleigh step or pocket
  • Tapered land
  • Lobe or canted lobe
  • Any configurable pad surfaces
  • Multi-recess

Typical fixed-geometry journal bearing analysis


Tilting-Pad Journal Bearings (TILTBR)

  • Central pivot
  • Offset pivot
  • Evenly spaced pads
  • Grouped pads
  • Load between pads
  • Load on pad
  • Any load direction
  • Any preload
  • Leading/trailing edges taper
  • Fluid-inertia force effects
  • Support pivot stiffness

Typical tilting pad bearing analysis


Fixed and Tilting-Pad Geometry Thrust Bearings (THRSBR)

  • Plain surface
  • Multi-groove
  • Step land
  • Step pocket
  • Tapered land
  • Taper pocket
  • Tilting pad
  • Compound taper
  • Any configurable pad surfaces

Typical thrust bearing analysis


Figures and screenshots provided with kind permission of RBTS.