Terms & Conditions for Seminars by Laschet Consulting GmbH

also in cooperation with RBTS, Inc. / USA

Last Update: V2.0 / 1 June 2022


These are the only TERMS & CONDITIONS which are effective concerning the attendance of seminars by Laschet Consulting GmbH (“LC”) – also in cooperation with RBTS, Inc, USA („RBTS“).

LC is the organizer of the offered seminar(s). All payments and commercial correspondences are directed to LC only. Once having registered and received LC’s confirmation (acknowledgement) the attendee accepts these conditions completely. During the seminar LC takes photos for internal documentation; LC is allowed to use these photos for presentations also on LC’s or RBTS’ web sites. If the attendee does not like to have his photo published, he has to inform LC and RBTS at the beginning of the seminar.

Please read the following items very carefully.

The Registration Fee (Seminar Price) as mentioned in LC’s confirmation / acknowledgement / invoice include the following items:

– participation of 1 attendee
– 1 set of literature (as a folder)
– beverages during the breaks (in the morning & afternoon per registered full day)
– 1 lunch per registered full day

LC is not responsible and will not pay any charges for the accomodation or the travel of the attendee. All bookings for the accomodation and travel must be done by the attendee only.

The attendee must be a registered company. If the attendee registers for the seminar as a “private person”, LC has to know that in advance (due to modified tax regulations which will be incorporated in the invoice). The payment conditions for private persons are always: 100 % payable in advance before the seminar starts.

There are Important Tax Informations: German participants should notice that 19 % German VAT (value added tax) is NOT included in the mentioned prices. Therefore German Companies have to add 19 % to the mentioned seminar price. All Private Persons (in Germany but also outside of Germany) have always to add 19 % VAT to the mentioned seminar price.

Company participants outside Germany must know that the “recipient of the service” (i.e. the attending company) “is liable for any taxes (VAT = value added taxes) according to the reverse charge mechanism”. LC will never pay taxes collected outside of Germany.

The Registration Fee (Seminar Price) must be paid as invoiced within 14 days; latest day of payment: 40 business days (8 weeks) BEFORE the first day of the seminar starts. Business days as mentioned in these terms & conditions are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. The payment must be to the full currency amount excluding bank charges and exchange charges, as shown on the registration and booking forms (confirmation letter, acknowledgement) and according to the invoice.

If – due to special conditions – another final payment date has been agreed, this date will be explicitly shown on the invoice and/or on a separate document (confirmation). In case of large corporation policies, a payment after the seminar may be exceptionally possible, however, only with a maximum delay of 14 days after the last day of the event; this special agreement is only an exception and must be communicated with LC in advance before the seminar starts (after 5 business days at the latest having received LC’s confirmation letter and/or acknowledgement and/or invoice).

Often LC offers special conditions for early (advance) registrations. If the attendee pays the registration fee early (“early” usually means within 14 days after having received the invoice and 12 weeks BEFORE the seminar starts at the latest), LC may grant special conditions (e.g. vouchers, any additional service free of charge); please ask for these conditions if they are not explicitly mentioned in the seminar documentation or in LC’s confirmation letter.

Due to limited space at the seminar location, it is suggested you register early to ensure participation. An attendee will not be considered as registered unless his fees are paid in full.

Please notice the following important cancellation policy. Cancellations must be done in writing (by Email, by Fax, by letter).

Cancellations in writing received 30 business day (6 weeks) at the latest before the seminar starts (i.e. before the first official seminar day) will be refunded to the full amount of payment received.

A refund less 30% administration charge will be made if cancellation is received in writing 10 business days (2 weeks) at the latest before the first seminar day starts.

A refund less 50% administration charge will be made if cancellation is received in writing 5 business days (1 week) at the latest before the first seminar day starts.

No cancellations or refunds will be accepted after this date; in other words, any cancellation which LC receives 4 business days or less before the seminar starts will be rejected and ignored without granting any refund. This means: THERE WILL BE NO REFUND IN THIS CASE.

General agreement concerning any cancellation/substitution initiated by the attendee:

Substitutes may be registered at any time up to the start date of the seminar; please inform LC promptly to support the organization accordingly. On request, LC may hold a rain check credit towards a future course.

General agreement concerning any cancellation initiated by LC:

Registered attendees will be notified no later than FOUR (4) weeks prior to the seminar start date of a cancellation of the seminar. In case of a cancellation by LC due to any unexpected situation (i.e. force majeure, lack of participants less than a critical number, illness of instructors, COVID-19 rules/laws, problems with the hotel/venue concerning the seminar rooms) the attendees who already paid the full seminar fee are automatically registered for an adequate ONLINE seminar for special conditions. Only if such an adequate ONLINE seminar cannot be organized within 6 months after the originally planned seminar, the attendees will receive a refund of 100 %.

LC reserves the right to modify parts of the seminar content, names of the instructors (presenters), or the structure/duration of sessions.

LC reserves the right to refuse participation of delegates at the seminar if such delegates did not pay the seminar fee by the start of the seminar or do not follow the official rules concerning COVID-19.

LC accepts no responsibility for the claims and accuracy of technical content of printed papers or spoken work by the author(s) and presenter(s) of papers, or any other claims made by attending corporations or personnel at this seminar.

LC will accept no responsibility for the safety and security of persons or their property whilst attending this seminar. The organizer, sponsors, agents, managers, or representatives will accept no claim for refund or damages or other type of claim for persons attending or participating at this seminar.

These conditions are deemed to be accepted by any person or corporation having filled in and/or signed the booking and registration form issued by LC or using their own order or registration documentation to be receivable by LC for this event.

Confirmation of registration is issued by LC only on the understanding that applications and participations at the seminar are accepted on all these conditions.


Bergisch Gladbach, 1st June 2022

Laschet Consulting GmbH

Dr. Andreas Laschet
Managing Director


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